We at Techlink provide a wide range of services from providing the needed equipment to installation of said equipment, integrating them with your system and even provide further consultation regarding your business.

Data center, Cables, Lan and Fiber optics:

We provide the finest IT products with the finest value and quality ranging from Copper cables, Fiber cables, server racks to Cisco switches and access points.

Installation, Integration:

Our technical team is qualified and ready to install and integrate any parts or equipment to and on any system needed.

Network security software and hardware:

In collaboration with Cisco Sourcefire, Fortinet, Sophos and Palo alto networks, we provide cutting edge network security software and hardware.

Voip systems:

Using vendors like Cisco, Grandstream, and Polycom, we provide the finest equipment for voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol.


We aspire to become the leading provider of high quality and cost efficient tech solutions in the MENA region. We prioritize quality, efficiency and compliance when dealing with any client. With the help of our partners Prolink, Prorack, and Cisco; and by importing from word renowned brands like Nexans, HP, Commscope and APC, we guarantee the highest quality equipment that fit any of your needs.

Data Center Design & Build: 


We take the time to thoroughly understand each client’s unique requirements and offer solutions to maximize system efficiency. Our highly trained team has decades of knowledge in designing and building secure, efficient and cost effective IT and data center environments.

Physical Security: 

Physical security has long been ignored at the expense of more tangible security. Techlink assists clients in creating security strategies including tracking access in and out of server rooms, prohibiting unauthorized access, and fire protection whilst allowing all these security devices to be deployed and managed on the same IP network.


Unified Communication and Collaboration: 

UC involves the process integrating real time communication services with non real time communication services. It’s not a single solution, but a set of products that allow a consistent unified user experience across multiple devices and media types.

Network Infrastructure: 

It’s the foundation for all means of communication. Techlink engineers design and build robust, scale-able and secure network infrastructures with benefits including reduced CAPEX and OPEX.

Surveillance systems: 

High tech non stop monitoring of your business using cutting edge cameras connected to a digital video recorder which displays them on as many monitors as you please.

Network & Security Consultancy: 

We review your entire network infrastructure looking for risky, liable or faulty parts in your network and help you mitigate them, giving you the confidence that your network and data are safe and sound.

Cisco-Powered Services: 

We offer various Cisco services like Cisco cloud. And managed services like Cisco Webex and Meraki and TPAAS.